Color Efex 4 reproducible bug when run on Apple M1 silicon

DXO does not support native M1 silicon, but instead relies on the Rosetta 2 emulator, thus preventing me from launching any Nik collection plugin from native M1 apps. I modified my workflow to launch Color Efex 4 standalone.
DXO seems to have a built-in timer somehow: After launching it for the first time, I can launch it an unlimited time within 24-hours after the first launch. After 24 hours, when Color Efex is launched, it does not open the file that I want to launch. Instead, it hangs - CPU goes to >100%, I cannot quit it or do anything else. I have to use Activity Monitor to kill the Color Efex process. Once killed, Color Efex works again for the next 24 hours.
The behavior is reproducible. I don’t know about other apps in the suite, such as Viveza, though - have not tried it.
Nik is the only app that showcases this behavior. All other apps using the Rosetta 2 emulator from Apple don’t have this issue, hence my believe that it’s a problem in Nik and not in Apple’s Rosetta 2 emulator.

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Same behavior with Silver Efex 4 … on a MacBook Pro under Monterey using Rosetta II