Color Efex 4 Crashes (v.2.3.1) x64

HW: Dell Precision 5820 Tower w/Xeon, 32GB, 1-12TB, 2-4TB HDDs
Windows 10 Pro
LR Classic Build 201911291132-64fc80b4
PS 21.0.2
RAW files .NEF from Nikon D800

CEfex4 crashes when I open a .NEF/.TIF file from LR to PS and the try to open CEfex4. It will open, but when it goes to load my saved presets, it stops responding.

It also crashes when I open CEfex4 with an image file straight from LR. It will start to load the presets and then crash. I reinstalled the prior version, and then installed the update with the same result. I’m going to reinstall the previous version and see if it does it as well. Any thoughts/suggestions are most welcome. TIA!

Glenn Jones

Hi, Glenn. Have you opened a support ticket at This might be the best way to get your problem sorted - though it can take a while.

One thing I can suggest is to right-click on the Start menu icon and select Event Viewer. Expand “Windows Logs” and select Application. When an app like Color Efex Pro 4 crashes, something is usually logged here at the time. It might yield a clue.