Color editing in local adjustments

It would be great if the next adjustments could be done in local adjustments:

  • color wheel (HSL)
  • tone curve
  • channel mixer

That way it’s easier to fix some odd colors in shadows or some color cast from a light just outside the frame.

This would be great but it would re-awaken the old equaliser on the local adjustment spot vs. all local adjustments in the sidebar debate.

Personally, I’m all in favour of having all tools “localisable” and, the Control Line/Point tool shows that it can be done. Each Control/Line/Point appears in what looks like a list of layers - very useful.

You have my vote.


Thanks. The discussion about location for the controls is a tough one. I’m not sure what I prefer.

I hope the DXO crew have some clever UX designers who can fix that.

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In some ways, it is going to have to be driven by the space required for complex palettes like the Colour Wheel, which is never going to be feasible on something like the current equaliser.

And now that Control Lines and Points need palette space anyway for things like selectivity sliders and that the Lines rely on pipette points rather than that gigantic big circular tool that often get in the way of small adjustment areas.

A very frequently requested feature, already requested. For example:

I don’t see it as a debate about floating versus sidebar. I don’t think anyone would appreciate a full HSL adjuster floating over the image as per the current controls. It just means DxO need to get their designer hats on and figure out how to do it. I can think of several ways. One way is not to deliver any new capability to local adjustments.

Another way would be to put a place holder for HSL on the onscreen local adjustments bar. Touching it would disappear the bar and show HSL controls somewhere (even the sidebar for that matter).

I like having the local adjustments in compact formation near the selected area. I only use about five of the controls regularly and would be delighted to be able to choose which local adjustments show up on my bar. Very much missing fine contrast for local adjustments.

I would hate having local adjustments all move to the sidebar with a full PhotoLab interface for every single local adjustment. That sounds like a Russian dolls interface to me and very top heavy. Neither intuitive nor fast. I’d much prefer DxO retain PhotoLab’s speedy workflow. Whoever created the original design of DxO Optics Pro was a genius (I haven’t seen a version earlier than 8 so I’m not necessarily talking about the very early versions).

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