Color Differences between DPL 3 and DPL2

While I was testing a thing or two in DPL3, I found that color rendering between versions 2 and 3 of DxO PhotoLab differed noticeably. This is what I did so that you might be able to reproduce and please not that I set sidecars to NOT automatically import or export.

Opened DPL2 and customized an image to taste, exported the sidecar, exported the image as 16bit sRGB TIFF and then quit DPL2.
Opened DPL3 and imported the sidecar that I had previously exported with DPL2 and exported the image as 16bit sRGB TIFF, then quit DPL3.
Opened Lightroom and displayed the two TIFFs side by side (something that DPL cannot do yet)
When I switched images (left goes to right and vice versa), the change was obvious.

@sgospodarenko, may I ask you to check if color handling has been changed between versions 2 and 3? Thank you in advance.