Color chart sg chart calibration

Calibrate sg color chart put in dxo photo lab.

why not ask for DC with some glossy patches then , that was rightfully its undoing ? most users will not be able to properly shoot a semi-gloss target - they are not able to shoot properly even matte targets like CC24/colorchecker24… not even @ home - and more not “in the field” … and to shoot SG target for a simple matrix profile ? that alone tells that you , sorry , have no clue what you are asking for … software first needs to be able to try to create lut profiles, and then have options for flat-fielding and contrast loss quality control and the rest of quality controls like dE-whatever statistics ( and ability to use custom target measurements )

DxO does not even account for the fact that target pigments varied couple of times over the lifespan of CC24 targets, for them it is all the same - which is OK, who cares about the quality does not use that DxO feature anyways

I use built-in function in camera from canon

  1. shoot photo white balance card and color chart.
    2)use color chart in software over color checker.
    3)press apply.
    2)convert as dng
    3)load file
    4)place chart over color checker
    5)save dcp file.

This can be loaded into photolab 6&7.
Also used in photoshop and Lightroom .
I have a white balance filter.
Take photo with filter.Use photo as white balance.
Reason I chose th chart is the number of patches.

DxO PL will create a simple matrix profile so increasing the number of patches will not bring any expected value … for that you need a lut profile …

So no benefit for 140 PAtches over 48?

benefit exists for LUT profiles … for matrix profiles DxO style ( not even tone curve inside ) - no … for matrix profiles the way DxO does it 48 patches is overkill too, even 24 is overkill