Color calibration PL 7

I need more nfo about color calibration in PL7. I saw just one tutorial on Youtube.
Is there a workflow howto I can connect to? I shot my color checker, imported and launched PL7. Created the calibration. What are the next steps? Thanks

Welcome @KonkotheSigh

Neither have I.
I didn’t have time to develop the tips and tricks.
A first draft here

The next step is to apply this rendering, in the DCP profile list, to all the photos in the session.


Tried to find any sensible text in the online PhotoLab User Guide and gave up because its search did not find anything that seemed to relate and the content directory has been changed and looks even more useless than before (sorry about that folks, but maybe @StevenL can initiate some improvements).

@KonkotheSigh , please note that

  • PhotoLab DCP profiles are meant to be used in relation to the session lighting, but not as a camera sensor profile for general use.
  • If you share images for further processing in PhotoLab, also include the DCP file(s) that was/were applied, otherwise, the colour correction will not work as it should. Sidecar files only contain path and filename info, but no DCP data.
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next step is to understand what PL7 generates - a singe illuminant pure matrix profile … which might be useful only if your illumination is drastically different from a regular daylight ( from dawn to dusk ) light spectrum or from tungsten / halogen light spectrum or decent LED spectrum ( that is with SSI D50/D55 > ~75 ) … imagine something like a sodium vapor light or damn cheap fluorescent - and then may be that one matrix will do somewhat better job w/o LUTs, may be… in most situations you can do better with a proper WB and always much better using 3rd party tools for camera profiling ( but you need to read some manuals - which most people too lazy to do )

for you to understand what camera profiling really is few writings of A.Torger are the best to start with

those are manuals and tutorials for the tools he developed ( one free command line and one commercial GUI ) - but reading them helps you understand what you are served by DxO in PL7

PS: parts related to DxO over there are for old generations of their software, before WideGamut pipeline was introduced for example - account for that

Apply this dcp file you created to any other photo that was taken under same light source
I have prepared instruction pdf for my self. Not an expert and maybe this is not the best workflow
Anyway here is the link: