"Collapse" contiguous history steps on the same slider

I love the new history panel but there is one aspect I think needs improvement.

If I drag a slider, then I get one entry in the history showing the relative change and resulting value of the slider. However sometimes, from experience, I know I want to bump a slider exactly 5 units up. In this case, I hit the up “spinner” button 5 times in quick succession because this is easier than the very small drag required. When I do this, I get 5 entries in the history, each +1.

I think it would be better to “collapse” these 5 steps into a single entry. In fact, this should be the general case that no matter how I make the adjustment, by dragging the slider, clicking the button, or by clicking and typing, all should be collapsed into one entry until I do something with a different adjustment.

hey @zkarj, vote for your proposal :+1:

Please note that the same happens when changing values by mouse wheel (which is what I do most of the time). It really floods the history with absolutely senseless entries.

:+1: Agree to this

I just tried it in Affinity: As long as I change the same value repeatedly no additional entry is created in the history. I think this is the reasonable way to do. Otherwise history can become meaningless because it is very hard to navigate.

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In Darktable, a “compress history stack” function generates the shortest history stack that produces the current image, i.e. suppressing all obsolete/senseless items.