Code-level programming question for DxO devs re: printer presets

This is a code level programming question for the devs who actually write and maintain Photolab. I don’t know how to reach them directly, so I’m posting here and hoping someone can get it to them.

To: DxO Photolab developers

When I compare your Photolab user-entered printer presets (as recorded in the printer.plist) with those created by Photoshop or Apple Preview etc, I see that your “” dictionary is populated with about 90 key/value entries, but less than a dozen are in theirs.

Their presets don’t work, while your presets work just fine.

Would you be willing to share with me what you are doing to get the full compliment of the “” 90 or so entries, so I can pass it along to Apple, Adobe, and others, so they can fix their code, to the benefit of all users?

My blog, with more detail on this issue is here: Printer presets no longer working right? –

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This is a user forum, no one here has a direct route to the devs.