CMYK color picker


wish a RGB/CMYK color picker for better skin tones correction.
Please just add CMYK calculation to the actual picker.

This should get more attention. It is a quick win for the development team and adds a capability for which there is no workaround within the tool.

Stephan & Christian,

How do you propose this would work ?

John M

Hi John,

exactly as the normal grey color picker, just using it, one gets CMYK values of the targeted area.
I find that really useful for fine skintone correction.
Meanwhile I use Samsung NX1 profile over my Canon CR2 because Canon genuine profiles are so bad for skin tones.


I can’t tell the formula to be used. But I imagine that at the same place or right next to where currently the RGB values are displayed in the histogram one can display the CMYK values. It could be a preference setting if there is not enough space for both.

I personally find the RGB values of little use and would prefer CMYK because of skin tones.

OK, understood - Thank you.

Follow-up question: How would it help to have the CMYK values ?
… How would you use this information ?


It is actually easy to produce good skin colors based on the ratios of CMY. There are numerous sources, e. g. random result googling for CYMK skin tone:

To be honest: To have a tool to set WB based on skin tone sampling, like the one that was available in Aperture, would be also fine for me. The Aperture tool worked great especially when the ambient light was difficult.

In a recent event I did portraits in a mixed light situation and had to use a flash. To have some confidence in the skin tones I evaluated the CMYK values in an external tool which was very inconvenient but helped me to not deliver Halloween pictures…

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