Clone/Repair source outside cropped/rotated image

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did anybody else observe that Photolab selects a clone/repair source outside the crop area in a rotated/cropped image?

I have an rotated and auto-cropped image where I want to clone/repair in the bottom left corner. Photolab sets the source outside the visible image are so I can’t grab the source point to drag it elsewhere.

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You are correct. Good pick up. I never noticed that before. It is not necessarily a bad thing but it can certainly be confusing. It would be nice if the cropped area was visible but shaded when using the clone/repair feature. I tilted this image significantly and then applied a couple of clone masks. Repair/Clone masking may occasionally need to be performed before cropping.


I actually take advantage of this when I want to clone/repair the edge of a photo. Normally fixing the edge of a photo gives terrible results but I found that if the photo was cropped I simply toggle the crop off, do the clone/repair and then toggle the crop back on. This gives a much better result as the area being repaired uses some parts outside the crop!

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don’t you think the clone tool should make the source point accessible (read: display it) without the need for such a kluge?

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  • Yep, we thought over it (same for LC tool) and created a dedicated story. It will be implemented but I can’t tell you the expected time yet.

Svetlana G.


That is Great news :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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