Clock Tampering?

So i have litterally just purchased Photolab 7 to check out and see how it compares to capture 1 and lightroom, only to be accused of clock tampering that appently makes my license invalid.
contacted support with issue the supplied me with an app (Rlm_CleansystemFromFutureFiles)
to run, that did nothing at all.
feeling quite a bit frustrated considering i bought it outright and i can’t even test the thing without a watermark.

I’m mainly curious/interested to know if anyone else has experienced the same issues and how they worked around it?

If i can i will supply images to explain better too.

the current System i am running is
Macbook Pro M2 Max, 96gb Ram, 4Tb SSD on Sonoma 14.4

Have never seen this issue so far.

License verification should be able to handle system clock changes and do it also if the change has not been done completely by macOS, e.g. with a change of timezone or switch to and back from daylight saving time that was somehow interrupted by Zurg.

Looking at macOS’ Library folders, I also found a new “key” file for PureRAWv3, something that has not been used so far. My guess is that DxO is currently changing license verification. Maybe that algorithm has gone ill when you activated your license…and it looks like the “…Cleansystem…” app is not quite functional just yet.

Be it as it may, DxO should be able and willing to reset your license.

Anyways: Welcome to the forum, @Manwiththecamera .

Thank you so much for your response, i really appreciate it.
that all makes perfect sense to me, i’m just hoping soon they find a good fix for it and i can have everything running before i leave for the trip im going on.

Never seen that before either.
But make sure your mac do not have a manually set time and date.
Set it to Automatic to ensure it uses a NTP time server.

I also faced this error today. I activated a trial license yesterday (after the daylight savings time change) and today it’s saying my system clock was tampered with. I submitted a support ticket today so let’s see how it goes.

Good Luck, they couldn’t provide me with an answer as I am running Mac Os Sonoma 14.4 and once they realised that (being Beta) they just said you’ll have to wait till the os comes out of beta.
No more looking into anything no problem solving just a f*** you very much and deal with an app that don’t work, but if you want to run it roll back your whole system cause its that easy to do…
So after many many arguements and asking many times i demanded a refund as I couldn’t use the app nor does it state anywhere at all that there are no guarantees that the app will not run on beta systems.
its funny because i pureraw, filmpack 7 & Nik collection and thought i’d buy photolab to test out and see how well it runs with the package.
nonetheless i’m staying with capture 1 and Lightroom now they can get bent for all i care…

Sorry for the almost blow by blow of my experience there

Imagine what will happen when DST is activated or deactivated and there is a bug indeed with license checking vs. time settings. Almost all PhotoLab applications disabled?

Can’t be, really, or if there is a bug indeed, it might trigger quite a
:poop: :tornado:

We’ll see by the end of March…

To my knowledge, that assumption is not correct, Sonoma 14.4 (23E214) is not Beta. It came two days ago and I explicitly deactivated Beta updates.

I also got that wrong accusation some time ago.

DxO was neither willing nor able to correct that. Apparently they are using some alien software module for the licensing mechanism, which is really poorly programmed.

True, and I often test PhotoLab and other DxO Software against macOS beta releases. That never ever caused any issues, let alone honking about license and tampering. The license files are fairly tolerant regarding their name, but their inner structure has to left alone unless you want to restart the apps in trial mode … which will not work if you have already trialed the version at hand. I also move license files in and out of the respective folder in order to e.g. test PhotoLab without FilmPack and ViewPoint. Never had any issues with doing this.

With PureRAW versions 3 and 4, DxO has introduced another set of “license” files with extension “.key”. I’ve deleted these files occasionally and that never caused any issues either.

DxO support told me that PhotoLab 7.5.1 for Mac just released today. It fixed the clock tampering error on my M1 Pro MacBook Pro running Sonoma 14.4.

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