Clicking on a folder in PhotoLibrary view doesn't show images in sub-folders

I’m trying to make the transition from Lightroom to PhotoLab Elite 6. In the PhotoLibrary view, if I click on a folder containing images how to I tell PhotoLab to also show images in that folder’s sub-folders?

You can’t. It’s not a feature. You have to select each sub-folder to see the images in it.


Thanks for bringing that up!

Photolab is not the only converter with that limitation, I think it’s the sama in Capture One too.

In Photo Mechanic Plus though it works like you and I want it. If I select a folder with subfolders in PMPlus it will display both the images in the selected folder and the subfolder(s). It’s far superiour to the pretty stupid limitations we have today.

I for example use to have my raw in the topfolder and the JPEG-derivates in subfolders. In the browse-tree of PMPlus then it’s very handy to switch between a view with both raw+jpeg and just the jpeg-files. In the main index though that is built in and a basic function.

Maybee this should be promoted to a feature request David. It doesn’t seem to me at least to be all that difficult to fix.

That’s right and wrong at the same time @Stenis: If you select a group (folder icon) in your catalog, that stupid thing won’t let you see what’s in it. If you select a project with albums in it, the project as the higher ranking element let you see all images in it (given, it contains at least one album).

Now, if you like to go into the folders on your hard drive (and not in the catalog), by default you see the content of all subfolders, except you decide to activate “show no images in subfolders” (sorry, don’t know the English localisation, but in german it says something along this sense).I think it’s necessary to decide between the two possibilities, in some cases you need to see everything, in others only the content of a specific folder.

I remember that there already is a feature request for this. Please do a forum search first. :slightly_smiling_face:

Showing the contents of subfolders has its pros and cons.

If we could include subfolders without DPL calculating previews, that would be fine, sadly, there is no such option yet and DPL will simply start to crunch numbers for everything it sees…and it does so by sucking up almost all resources it can get. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Just out of interest, @Egregius: Since DxO is not reacting or putting feature requests on a To-Do list, what’s the point of forum searches for feature requests? Some appear to come directly for medieval ages given the first date. I mean, what’s the diff between ignoring one major request with 50 votes or 4 requests to the same subject with maybe 48 or 523 votes altogether?

I just tested that in comparison to C1: It’s very responsive also for file-folders with 3 subfolder-layers, but I guess, that’s because even here the pre-imported pictures and their previews in the catalog are fully used? In that case: I think it’s ok to get some downsides by “no need to import images” :wink:

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…yes, it can be responsive, if built-in previews or cached images are shown…but I’d not like all of my 25k image files cached by every app on my system.

Well, Aperture had one library, and every single Mac-app could use the previews :slightly_smiling_face:, unfortunately also Fuji’s photo-album software which used the preview JPGs to put them into a photo-album. At least, after I found the reason why the quality of the book was so poor, they switched that connection off and used the exported JPGs. And printed me a new album with the exported images.

But for a pages, numbers or keynote documents it was sufficient. You don’t need “every app” to generate previews, a well made interface would be enough, no?

That is exactly the question that no one here can answer, and when you look at the FR highest voting list, you always ask yourself what the FR’s are actually for.

Still wondering

Thanks to everyone who responded. Here’s an example of why I want the option to show the images within enclosing folders:

I photograph an athletic event. Let’s say I take 4000+ images. Using Photomechanic I tag the images and move some of them into sub-folders based on team, quarter, client, etc. In Photomechanic I can control-click on the parent folder to quickly see all the photos in one window where I can then make more batch metadata changes to all the images at once.

If I want to use DXO PhotoLab Elite 6 to edit all the images from the event there seems to be no way to apply batch corrections to all the images at once. Only the images in the currently selected folder in the PhotoLibrary are visible. I should be able to optionally control-click on a folder in the PhotoLibrary and choose to show all images in enclosing folders (just like Photomechanic does).

Expecting the DAM functions of Photolab to stand up to almost any Photomechanic feature will make you ill, PL is immature in this regard and that’s putting it nicely :grinning: There are strong feelings in the community about whether DxO should or shouldn’t put in some of their limited resources to focus on improving things. I’ve learnt to accept that PL does lots of things other packages don’t and doesn’t do lots of things that other packages do