Clicked too soon on update

opened dxo photolab today and yes bug fixes update v1.2.1 build 3131 popped up would you like to update? …
clicked for download and install, then i though what bugs where fixed? Out of interest.
Yep, couldend find any thing on the web and the popup window is gone after download/install off coarse. :slight_smile:
My bad, ive should have thought about that sooner, and clicked on extra info before starting download.

So for the one’s who are clicking faster then thinking , :sweat_smile:, could it maybe possible to put the same text as in the popup of the update version be posted in News and Announcement? (there is plenty of room because of just one post hehe. LOL)
This way we can read back what’s fixed even after the update cycle.
i didn’t found any on support and i think it could be useful to see those update infotext’s at least the last one.

@sgospodarenko: found the tags you talked about which you would use,
“inbacklog”, “resolved” / “fixed” and such, what are those dopw-number? a label of the problem for the labguy’s?
Maybe a TAG explain list somewhere (the one’s dxo staff is using), this is also great for searching in the forum if it gets more filled.


Release Notes found here:

Yes, but not from v1.2.1. it is until v1.2.
Maybe i looked too soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also getting a security warning when trying to download from the application link or from my acct.

i think there certificate is over date. (i got that too before i did “trust” the site.)
Those things cost money for “nothing” it only proofs that someone said it s safe.

I looked before I installed and the release notes link provided was only to 1.2, not 1.2.1. I do recall that in one of the recent topics someone from DXO indicated that the specific problem described had been resolved and there would shortly be a new release. I don’t recall the issue, but I’m guessing this new release addressed that problem and perhaps some other easy to fix bugs.

Would be nice to have a current and easily accessible version history anyhow.

Yes, the release notes should always match up with the latest released version.
(I also looked for details but got only the notes to V1.2.)

Hello guys,

Yes, you are right this time the release notes were not updated in time (both persons are on vacation). Sorry :blush:

And these are the old system release notes which will be get rid and replaced by a new ones (they will meet your expectations) in future.

Svetlana G.

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A again an improvement. Great release notes to show, what was achieved :slight_smile:


I downloaded the release notes today and v1.2.1 is still not included.


Hello @jmcsaky,

Thanks a lot for the reminding. I’ve sent a post to responsible people to update the page -

As for the new release system - it’s still in progress of development.

Svetlana G.

Hello once again,

The release page is up-to-date now.

Svetlana G.