Clearview freezes after processing several images

After processing several images Clearview freezes and the function ceases to work. Has anyone else come across this problem? If I close Photolab and re-start the software this seems to clear the problem. Just wondering why this is happening. I have been using Photolab for a long time now without any apparent problems apart from this issue. I absolutely love this software with the occasional use of Lightroom producing some stunning results with my images.

Hi Roger,
Your post is missing information:

Windows or MAC?
What version of PLe?

I’m running windows with v2.3.1.24039 and do not experience any issues with clearview regardless of the number of photos I process. Maybe there is a specific sequence in your workflow I am not doing?

Windows PL Version 1.2. 2 Build 3239

I’m on version two and never had, or have even heard of, this issue occurring before on either version 1 or 2 of PhotoLab. Has something new been installed on your computer recently? Are there any changes to your process flow? You can always try reinstalling the last PL update you have to resolve this issue.


I’m curious - when you lose Clearview, do you also lose PRIME? (which would indicate that PhotoLab reverts to an Essential license vs. an Elite license)

I haven’t seen this particular problem, but have seen PhotoLab start to fall apart after processing several images and then return to normal after a restart. I also recommend reinstalling PhotoLab. Also, check Windows for corruption using the sfc /scannow command in PowerShell with admin privileges. e.g.,

Thanks for your comments. This only happened after processing 200+ images. I am on the latest version of PL1 Elite and decided not to upgrade to PL2 instead waiting for PL3. Seems from your comments that there has been some issues with Photolab starting to fall apart after processing a large number images. Anyway I am not usually into processing a high number of images in one day so this issue is not a big problem at the moment. I was just curious to know if anyone else had experienced the same thing

Mine was falling apart after processing 5-10 images. :crazy_face: Some of my issues were reproduced by DxO, others haven’t been and don’t seem to be recurring right now.

Hello @fluffy,

Well, 200+ images… it can be connected with the memory consumption. But there were some improvements done. So let’s wait the release of PL3 and if you still have this problem we’ll get back to it. Feel free to report about it.

Svetlana G.