Choose options to be copied/pasted


Coming from Lr (but quit because of subscribing like a lot of people :slight_smile:), I appreciated the ability to choose the options you wanted to copy and paste. For example, I just want to select white balance and sharpening, but nothing else.

When you want to copy adjustments, a new window is opening and you can choose desired options. It was really useful.

Do you think it is possible to implement such a tool ?

Thanks !

I agree !!!


A choice of options could be interesting, of course.
But, you could, maybe, after having applied white balance and sharpening (your example) copy these adjustments for later use (on other photos), and continue working on your first image. Thatโ€™s what Iโ€™ve already done.

Well, yes, there are some workaround, but you have to think first what you want to copy/paste :slight_smile: