Chat: Grab Photos, when you don't have time to think things out ahead of time

Not that this is such a great photo, but considering I was mostly asleep and had no idea what I was doing, I’m pleasantly surprised. I was sound asleep last night, when the fire alarm for my building went off at around 2am. Got dressed in a hurry, grabbed my Leica, and my hat, and rushed out of my 10-story building - stairs, no elevators, as they turn off with a fire alarm.

I wanted a photo of the fire truck in front of my building with the firemen, but that was not to be. They already had gotten into the firetruck. The exposure was set by my camera, with me trying to not shake the camera. All things considered, I’m happy with how it came out … and even happier (much) that there was no fire.

Moral of this story is to always have a camera with a charged battery ready to grab and go at a moment’s notice, and preferably a camera you are comfortable with. After two days of working with the Leica, I feel almost as comfortable with it as I do with my Nikon. …and while I had a 50mm lens on the camera, a wide angle lens would have been better.

Took photo, went back upstairs, fell into bed, and awoke much later than planned.

I don’t know about the rest of you - maybe any time you are taking a photo, everything is planned in advance, but for me, life has a way of throwing great scenes my way, and I scramble to capture them. I also keep a small flashlight in my pockets, just in case (but last night I didn’t need it).