Channel module

I’m an infrared shooter (beside visible spectrum) and what I really miss in my infrared images workflow, since I was welcome in DXO House (Photolab2+Filmpack5), is a Colour Channel panel.

The possibility to swap red/blue channels, plus other trimmings, is fundamental to get the most out of IR shots.

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Thanks for reading.

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Hi Lucio,

When one owns FilmPack along with PL Elite, a Channel Mixer (for black and white) appears as one of the panels in PL …
DxO_ChannelMixer … Is this what you mean ?
John M


Thank you John, yes considering that I’m now shooting with a 720nm camera that gives me mainly BnW pictures, what you suggest is a nice workaround, but when you process colour infrared images you really need a channel mixer to find a proper development workflow.
I really think that DXO Photolab2 and/or Filmpack5 should think about this feature that shouldn’t be so hard to develop.
Best regards to all.