Channel Mixer Requirement

Would really like to see a Channel Mixer to enable colours to be switched within each RGB, more or less essential for Infra Red Image manipulation but sadly missing from PL.

The Elite version has a b&w one but no use for colour images.


Actually Channel Mixer exists and it’s a part of the FilmPack package:


Is it what you are talking about?

Svetlana G.

I’m talking about Channel Mixer for colour that works like this - it’s in Photoshop and Affinity. The one you refer to doesn’t allow you to change the “content” of each channel.

Here’s how it works,

Select Channel Mixer. Select Red Channel and reduce red % to 0% and increase blue to 100%.
Select Blue Channel and reduce blue % to 0% and increase red to 100%

Effectively swapping blue and red channels, certainly essential for IR images and possibly more.


Okay, Mike, got it. In this case you should wait a bit.

Svetlana G.

Channel mixer

HSL like this would be great

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DPL3 has a new HSL tool that I can happily recommend. It works nicely on my Mac and allows me to make a pink rose blue or purple or green or yellow or… And it works on other things too, not just on roses :wink: