Changing White Balance Values for several Photos

Is it possible to change the White Balance for selected photos with a defined value of i.e. +300 or -100?
If I take a couple of photos, usually with AWB, they have different values; maybe 5314, 5754, 5411, …
In some cases I would like to shift the WB for +300 based of the original value for all, but not a defined value of for all (this would result in warm and cold photos.
So: 5314+300, 5754+300, 5411+300, …

Yes, you can do it – with TIFF-files.

[ When I have to adjust (all) photos for a photobook, I send them as Tiff to LR, use the softproof capability to colour correct one pic to match the paper’s ICC profile and synchronize all other pics. ]

to check for details – Add soft proofing to Photolab

Since I don’t work with LR, this way is not available to me (only PL4/VP/NIK and in some cases Affinity).
At least I know now that this is not possible within PL4. Maybe there is something in Affinity. I will research once.
THX Stefan