Changing UI language to English

Hi there,

I’m on Mac OS set to German, but prefer photo editing software to be in English.
Can I change from German to English in PL5?


check your preferences

Screen Shot 11-16-21 at 10.20 PM
screenshot taken in Windows

It’s different between Windows and macOS on this matter.

Please check « Choose the language you use for individual apps » in Change the language your Mac uses - Apple Support


If your macOS version is recent, you can set languages of apps independently of the language of the user account:

Note that this can cause some mixed language appearances in palettes:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-17 um

Note: “Histogramm” and “Histogram” (palette title in German, tool name in English. I’d consider these things as leftovers from a hurried introduction of PL5, let’s hope that DxO will fix this in due time).

Ah, thanks so much. So this was more a MacOS question than a PL one. Sorry - I’m also new to Mac actually :hugs: