Changing the size of the tool you are using

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Sorry, basic question - is there a quick way to adjust the size of a tool that I have selected without using the slider? For example, if I have the repair tool selected, are there keypresses that will change the size of the repair tool without using the Size slider? MUST be, right?

Why is it so hard to figure this out?

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  • Jon

With Mac, just press “command” and with the mouse, you expand or decrease as it suits us

Hm. That isn’t working. Command and what, move the mouse?

  • Jon

From the PDF Manual p55 re: the Local Adjustment “Brush” tool:

● You can change the size of the brush using the mouse wheel while holding down the Ctrl (PC) or Cmd (Mac) key. Scroll up to increase the brush size, and down to decrease it.

● To adjust the amount of feathering or sharpness along the brush edge, use the mouse wheel while holding down the Shift key. Scroll up for a crisper, more defined edge, and down for a softer focus effect.

The above tool-size adjustment does work for the “Repair” tool, however the “Repair” tool does not have a feathering adjustment so the Shift-Scroll does not have a feathering effect.

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Ah, ok - thanks! That helps a TON!

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Hi Jon,
oops, I forgot to say that I do not have an Apple mouse but a “normal” mouse and it works well with pressing the “command” key on the keyboard while running the wheel of my mouse (I still checked this morning)

I discover this post this morning.
What does not work with mac OS?


I didn’t know about the “command” keystroke to change the size. Now that I know that, I’m all set on this question. It works fine! Thanks all!

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