Changing order of folders

My folder structure for my pictures is year/date. In windows it’s a simple task to get the newesst folder first, at the top. I have not managed the same in Photolab. Is there a simple way I have overlooked, or is it not doable?
Would have beeen a nice feature if it is not there - it’s a long scroll from my oldest photos to the newer ones, and those are the ones I normally need access to.

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Hi, I agree that it would be a nice to have. I also store my images by year and date and I have yet to understand what governs the initial display of folders when PL4 is first opened. Also and I’m on a mac the favourites tab is based on favourites set in the Finder which in my case have nothing to do with images so is not of much use.

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The folder structure is alphabetical. So if you name your folders as yyyymmdd then you always get the last at the bottom. I don’t see any practical difference between top and bottom.


This is an excellent idea. Why don’t you put in a feature request that can be voted on?

Done, @Joanna , feature request is now ready for wotes. I do hope many og you agree with me, and will wote :grinning: