Changing Folders - Windows

Just bought PL4 Elite and I would like to change the folder look(exclude all non image folders) and add/remove folders from the Favourites.

I can’t find any hints in the docs or here, how to do that.



You can’t filter folders in PhotoLibrary. All you can do is minimize them and scroll up… The PhotoLibrary mimics Windows Explorer. Changes to Favorites in Windows Explorer should also be visible in



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This is a future feature request.
At this moment this isn’t possible but if you make it a feature request here
maybe the DxO developers grant you with a new function in the future.
Same as renaming and creating a new folder is possible but deleting a folder is not possible.

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Yes, deleting a folder is not possible
– that must be an oversight and should be ironed out …

  • giving a warning, if not empty (PL doesn’t show all files) or
  • context menue: delete with … explorer