Changes creation date and time to current on export

This has just started happening. When I export a file (tif) from Photolab version, it changes the creation date and time to the current date and time.

Has anyone else noticed this, and how can I get it to stop doing it?

I’m not sure what to decide about this.

Presumably, the logic is the you are creating a new file (the export).

Why would you want to keep the creation date of the original file?

I have just used both PhotoLab 3 and PhotoLab 4 the same thing happens when exporting from there.

However, the EXIF in the exported file still records the Original and Create dates from the original…

[EXIF]          Date/Time Original              : 2021:02:26 11:08:40
[EXIF]          Create Date                     : 2021:02:26 12:08:40
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On export, a new file is created and I think it’s adequate to give it the timestamp of its own creation. Nevertheless, the embedded metadata contain the original shot timestamp. Applications like e.g. GraphicConverter can change the file date to the shot date:

Note: The copy has dates changed by GC.

OK. Great minds think alike :wink:

It seems the problem may be with DigiKam now showing the Creation Date and Time when, for other images, it shows the Original Date and Time.

Apologies for taking up your time here.

You may be correct that DigiKam is the is causing this but I do think something has changed in how PL is handling metadata concerning time and date on export. In the past my exports always displayed in the order of there original capture time in DigiKam. Now there is some inconsistency. I have not updated DigiKam so I believe PL must be doing something different than it has in the past.

I am curious; did you find a way to get DigiKam to sort by the original date and time of the capture?

I’ve now found that the DigiKam setting of View | Sort Items | By Creation Date sorts by the original date and time of capture. I’ve also found that PL usually gives exported tiff files the creation date and time of the original file (as far as DigiKam is concerned), but on a few occasions it hasn’t. I haven’t been able to find out what causes this so, for these few files, I just use the Edit Metadata Tool in DigiKam to amend these files.

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I’ve noticed this happening too, but it appears to be 100% repeatable based on device (body) used. For me, that means exports from a mobile are always off based on TZ differences, and always by the same amount based on the TZ difference between photo create and photo post-process. But photos from my Nikon body always export to the correct time stamp.

In Film Strip, it’s the reverse! Images from the Nikon body are off by the TZ difference, but images from the mobile are correct.

It’s something in the EXIF that is not being read correctly.

I agree. And it is a relatively new behavior.

I am very frustrated. Now after export when I go into DigiKam I have some images that the jpeg and raw are next to each other (as you would expect and that was the normal behavior before this problem surfaced) and some that are separated because the date taken on the jpeg has been changed.

I need to better research this, document it and submit a support ticket.

I have done some additional digging and submitted a ticket. I also posted the information here:

Thanks for taking the time to look into this in detail.