Changed my mind! I upgraded to DXO PL2 (scrap my previous post)

After some soul search, I decided that maybe (in some small way) I, together with all those sitting on the upgrade fence can help this fine software grow.

After all, the way I see it, the upgrade cost is the equivalent of 1 1/2 gas tank fill or a restaurant dinner.

Is such a great program, it would be a shame to stop improving it!


Same here.


Welcome aboard! :wink:


same here.


It is a great company and I was happy to upgrade.

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I too decided to go and get the upgrade for PL2 Elite. The Black Friday sales helped sway me but I feel PhotoLab’s raw processing is one of the best

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I balked at the £55 upgrade for next to nowt, and hoped there would be a better offer, which there was today. Those that paid the higher price have every right to be pissed off and hope they are clamouring for refund.

Also on Black Friday offer was Affinity Photo - THE WHOLE WORKS for the same £34 same as mere upgrade price on PL2 + free trial. I already knew it arguably needed a course on how to use it, whereas to my mind, software that needs a course is badly designed. (and I include full 3D architectural Microstation, which I used professionally and which came with step-by-step tutorials and tool-tracking).

If I was a professional photographer outputting mostly to images for print, I can see it has a more precise tool set all round. Being obviously designed for PS freaks (only unable/unwilling to pay up) it has the expected arcane interface and it was such a pleasure to get back to PL where everything is so intuitive and simple. And perfectly adequate for printing A4 or A5 greetings cards and display on pBase forum, which is all I am down to.

I also changed my mind. :smile: Mainly because of the 50%-off Black Friday sale, but also because I am noticing DxO’s efforts to improve its products and its communication with customers (especially here in this community forum). I very much appreciate that! I now own the entire DxO suite and am continuing to provide bug reports and feedback as I am able. :nerd_face: :tada:

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Well, I’m still happy with the software - but sadly, the improvements I was seeing in ticket-based tech support didn’t last. Support must be overwhelmed by their backlog, because while that’s getting some attention, I’m not seeing them put much effort into more complex problems that can be reproduced on one system but not another. And the attitude - some agents are very nice and helpful, but there are a couple who evade questions, give inappropriate answers, and are even rude. Too often, I feel like I’m wasting my time. I’d rather not bog down this board with bug reports and test cases - but the fact is, they seem to get more attention here. :face_with_monocle:

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Please, do not give up. Active users and the team are ready to help here.

Svetlana G.


Thank you, Svetlana @sgospodarenko . You and a handful of others provide the very best customer support here. I am so grateful for that and am glad to participate in this good work! If only ticket-based support wasn’t the polar opposite. Too often, they treat the flow of information as one-way only - from customers to DxO. Almost no assuring customers that their bugs have been reproduced and are being worked on, very few thank-yous, no apologies whatsoever for rudeness and misinformation, absolutely no assurances that things are getting better after I complain. They just don’t seem to care about customer relationships. I was mistaken to think that improvements here also meant that things would be getting better there. So if I give up on anything or anyone, it will be that team, and it will be very soon. Even their manager seems part of the problem and not a driver of solutions. I’ve given them every chance and have tried to be clear about what I’m looking for - but they just don’t get it - so unless I see some clear acknowledgment of my grievances from them, I’ll have to submit bugs here from now on. Thanks very much for listening.


Fully agree you. I was to that path when they released it.

Actually I am a DxO Pro user since their version 3 and their new releases have brought improvements since then, either interface or reliability and, of course, features, some times. Only their version 5 put me very upset (one deservice for their otherwise unspotted behavior).

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