Changed from Mac to Windows --> Viewpoint is different!

Hi there,

I am a long-time user of DxO Optics and PhotoLab and also Viewpoint on Mac. I have just switched to a Windows computer and have installed both DxO applications on my new PC.

I was quite surprised to see that Viewpoint is not the same in Windows as what I am accustomed to using on the Mac - there are fewer features and there is no ‘wizard’ option to automatically correct images.

Surely the Windows version of PL+VP is not less featured than the Mac version?

Hi @peterw,

Haven’t you forgot to activate your VP licence? This may explain why you don’t see all functions…

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Don’t worry - I just had to put my activation key into the standalone app and then the other features became visible from within PhotoLab.

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Thanks Patrick, this was indeed the problem.Since I never use the standalone app, I didn’t think of this. All is working now.

So just for your information, you can also activate VP from PhotoLab:

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Thanks Patrick!