Change to how DCP profiles are used in PL

For anyone using DCP profiles you may not realize a recent update to PL added a change to their use. If there was any announcement I missed it but I expext there wasnt one.
There is now two options on how they are used. A DXO for use with in PL only and Adobe if you pass the image to another program. I found by chance this had been introduced and for some odd reason the Adobe (at least in my PL) was the default. There is on some images a significant difference between the two (others little or no difference). If you have created presents using DCPs you need to recreate them, as I have had to do, if you need the DXO option.

I think in one of their latest point something releases they had a press release about this change by supporting adobe rendering. I am not completely sure, but as far as I can tell my presets work as they were saved. I juts see another option if I want to use Adobe. But I don’t think presets have stopped working, not that I noticed anyhow.

It really would be of help if they actually informed us of changes in the release note’s rather than having to find there press statements. I only use PL and the default Adobe setting had to be changed as on some imiges I have found there is a lot of of difference

→ Section PL 7.6

Thanks I missed it so they did let us know