Change in Forum layout makes writing and editing incredibly difficult

@sgospodarenko While editing a post today I noticed a “forum unavailable” flash and then when attempting to make later changes (I keep putting there instead of their) I discovered the editing box had become very tiny.

Is that especially for me to stop my long posts or is it general to the forum!?

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Hello @BHAYT ,

I have the same issue :frowning: . It’s brought with the Discourse platform update. Let’s hope it will be fixed with the new update :crossed_fingers:

P.S. Will you try to clear the cache?

Svetlana G.

@sgospodarenko Thank you for your prompt response. I use Opera as my browser with multiple workspaces and I have one workspace designated as ‘Computers & Beta’ and I have cleared all the existing tabs from that workspace but how else may I “clear the cache” and if they affect my other workspaces then the answer will be no.



Thanks for confirming this. It is very frustrating.

Heheheh. That thought sprang to mind for me as well :crazy_face:

Clearing the cache doesn’t make any difference

And I have a long reply to Bryan to write :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@sgospodarenko don’t fix it. With the threat from @Joanna hanging over my head … Joanna if you want to DM about metadata handling etc. please send the DM from you because I have forgotten how to DM (have used it in the past a number of times but my memory is not what it once was or has always been like that, good for some things and bad for others.

But trying to do anything with the “nice” “new” layout is …

Click on my avatar and then click on the direct message button

Yes, waaaay to small now
using with Firefox (also cleared the cache)
– suppose we have to wait for a platform fix.

Unfortunately, yes :frowning:

I’ve got the same issue with Edge.

Svetlana G.

@Joanna don’t let my ineptitude with that cloud your responses to the rest of my posts!! :worried:

Same here with Chrome on Windows. This is a serious issue which almost renders this site unusable. It must be fixed quickly.

Mark. .

@sgospodarenko Done!
PS:- their own Forum is just fine!! (this was my shortest post ever!!!)


Since DXO is using this product and presumably paying for it, can’t you or someone else put pressure on them? This is going to be a major issue shortly when testing begins. I post and respond to others very often from my cell phone, and it is now extremely difficult to do that.

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I’ve noticed that visiting a topic and then going back to the root level of the forums doesn’t always mark the topic as read. That seems to have started this morning when text box size issue started

You think replying on a desktop is bad?

Here’s what it looks like on an iPhone…

@joanna Every cloud has a silver lining! :grin:

Yep, same issue on an android phone. I use a Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus. I mentioned how difficult it is editing on my cell phone now in an earlier post.

By the way, is that a standard French keyboard layout? The differences between it and the standard QWERTY keyboard format used by English speakers are interesting.


Me too, I’m using Firefox and a clear cache.

It’s about the same on my desktop PC in Edge as it is on your phones. Maybe even less tall. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

But, at least on a.desktop the keyboard isn’t taking up screen space.


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@sgospodarenko there are always problems being stuck in the middle of a problem but… This is the response I received …

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