Change First appear Image in Version 7

I just Testing Version 7. and could not success to change first screen image when open application to my own photo. I could this in Version 6. Is there a way to do in V7?

Do you mean that your instance of PLv7 is not applying a standard preset to your images ?

If that’s your point; then check-out your Edit/Preferences settings for PLv6 vs PLv7

  • eg: image
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I means which also called Splash Screen. and found some mentions about it in this forum. It looks blocked in v7. Thanks reply anyway.

Changing the splash screen image has never been possible in the Windows version. From what you say it seems you can no longer do that in the Mac version

Let’s hear a big cheer for DxO! They have finally fixed one of the many differences between the Mac and Windows versions :rofl: :rofl:


Interesting angle :slight_smile: