Change adjustement sliders' name (or is it a bug on macOS?)

Hum… “DxO FP 5 Essential - Creative Vignetting” ???
I can understand that this is a default name allowing those who purchased Film Pack to distinguish this adjustment slider from others.

But can we rename this the same way you allowed palettes to be renamed + adding an option to restore names to default?

This is an not-too-demanding feature request.


What’s wrong with Creative Vignetting? It seems like a very descriptive name to me. What would you prefer to call it?


There’s nothing wrong with “Creative Vignetting”, but you may want to get rid of "DxO FP 5 Essential - " in front of it :wink:

Are you saying that the title of the slider says “DxO FP 5 Essential - Creative Vignetting”" Do all your FilmPack sliders include that? Are you talking about the stand-alone version or the version integrated into PhotoLab. I currently only use the integrated version of FilmPack 5 Elite and the slider is just called "Creative Vignetting”.


Does your version look different to this, Yoms ?
FPv5 … image … PLv4.2:image

John M

@mwsilvers @John-M
Yes you’re both right, that’s exactly my “issue”. I’ve got the full name in PL v4.2.0 Build 51 macOS
Of course, I wouldn’t complain if, as you suggested, it was “Creative vignetting” only :slight_smile:

This is how it looks in the Windows version of PL4 with FilmPack 5 Elite. Do you have a a license for both Filmpack 5 Essential and Filmpack 5 Elite? Perrhaps that is why you are getting the full name designation.



Thanks. Yeah same as what posted @John-M
But at least you know why I asked to be able to rename this :slight_smile:

BTW, this is not limited to Film Pack. I also see “DxO PL Elite - DxO ClearView Plus” (yup, with twice DxO in the name lol). That’s a pretty long name to say “Dehaze”!

Any macOS user? Is this a display bug?

Strange. And you say other feature names start with ““DxO PL Elite”. That is bizarre. I don’t recall any Mac users mentioning this before. I wonder if all Mac users see it this way. Maybe it depends on the language choice. Sounds like a bug.




But not all of them. “Contrast” is called “Contrast” for instance.

That is definitely strange. Perhaps another Mac user or someone from DXO’s staff will give us some additional feedback. If all Mac users see this behavior I find it hard to believe this hasn’t been brought up before.


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That would be because Contrast (basic version) is a standard feature of PL, whether or not FP is available.

Do you, perhaps, have a mix of Elite and Essential versions ? … Say, FP Elite and PL Essential ?

Otherwise, as Mark suggests, I’d contact DxO Support for an explanation.

John M

Thanks, no I just have Elite.

Now you made me curious. I am on Mac, Catalina, DPL Elite, FP and VP installed. I can confirm that I do not have that issue.

Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 06.18.09

@Yoms seems to have a non standard display of these names. They are probably hidden in all versions and only displayed as a result of some specific set of circumstances. I’m sure that someone on DXO’s staff will get to the bottom of it.


Thanks for sharing this. Confirms what @mwsilvers said.

In that case, yeah I’ll gladly withdraw this as a “feature request” (which was done by admin by moving this subject to another category).

Have you gotten any feedback from DXO yet regarding why you are seeing something different than other users are seeing?


Not, not yet. But I think they are aware since a DxO member moved the subject from one category to the other (which it’s has been read by them).

Hopefully you will get a resolution to this strange issue. Let us know If it is resolved. If you do not get a response from DXO consider sending a detailed private message to @sgospodarenko or @StevenL. There may be a simple explanation for this.


Good morning guys,

Well, we do not have such differentiation on Windows (as corrections from PL elite or FP elite are just hidden if the user has only Essential license). But as far as I remember on Mac they display the ‘Elite’ note in case the user owns only Essential version but it should be confirmed by @SebinParis for instance.

Svetlana G.