Cashe thumbs & cashe rendered images Questions

I have 2 questions.

When I open a folder where the thumbs have not been cashed, only the thumbs displayed get cashed. If I have several hundred images are in the folder I need to wait for the thumbs to render. Is there a setting that would render all thumbs in a folder, currently visible on the screen and not.

When I’m view and rating images, I like to go back and forth comparing images, every image needs to be re-rendered before viewing. Is there a way to have some images on either side of the currently viewed image cashed so they could be quickly viewed?

Hello @Alan

  • Nope, there is not such a tool and the cache is created automatically only for the images that are visible.
  • If you mean the re-processing of the preview, then the answer is again No. When you switch between the images the preview is always re-processed (though the cache is created and it takes less time)

Svetlana G.

Are you using the image browser in the docked configuration? You can display a significantly larger number of images if you undock the browser (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd+U) and resize it. You can also change the size of the thumbnails and display a larger number at one time.