Capture one vs PL Fuji X-Trans


I’m getting to grips with PL 6 Elite and I’m enjoying using it.

However I’m perplexed that I’m getting more detail in my raw files with Capture One. I was hoping it was at least comparable. It’s not insignificant

PL 6 I’m loosing detail and clarity and can’t match C1 output. I’ve used lens sharp and unsharp mask with little effect

Are you viewing the preview at >75% magnification?

Indeed all through the range of magnification

Please upload a RAW file that exhibits this problem along with your DOP file to a file sharing service(Dropbox, pCloud, WeTransfer, etc.) and post the link here so that we can better assist you.

Hi I’ve included a link to wetransfer of the JPGs which actually, output looks comparable.

However in software its is way off and difficult to judge when making adjustments what the final output is. I’m hoping that its something I’m not doing with the settings ?

Hi Andrea. We need to have the RAW RAF file and the DOP file produced by PL6 in order to see what you have done and then determine how to correct it.

Sorry,.here you go

I think I might know what it is, sharpness seems to only be viewable at 75% otherwise below this it appears soft.

Is this correct?

Yes, that’s what I wrote the first time.

Hi Andrea,

I tried to develop your RAW file.
The level of detail I get with Photolab is the same as what you present with Capture One.
I even find the PL picture is the most pleasing, as I can get a more subtle sharpness with PL than with C1, which is oversharpened to my taste.

With PL, if you use lens sharp, do not use the unsharp mask at the same time. Prefer slighty increase the microcontrast slider, or better if you have Filmpack Elite, the fine contrast sliders.

Apologies Mark,

I had looked at different magnifications and it was only when I revisited,

But I wonder why is it soft outside of 75% whereas other editors are not

It’s a sensible design decision imo. How should one interpolate smaller previews from images with fine detail? DxO is stubbornly committed to quality and they just don’t want to compromise and waste development time on such compromises.

BTW, Adobe Lightroom Classic now also signals that the effect of some settings can’t show at lower zoom levels.

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Here is my reworking of your shot. Your C1 version on the left, mine on the right, viewed in FastStone IV at 100%. I couldn’t quickly get the WB the same but I can see little difference in detail and sharpness. If anything my version(DxO) seems to show slightly more detail to my eyes.

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When I check the screenshots, I can see the structure of the shirt of the gondoliere on the left, but not on the right image.

Then you’ve got better eyesight than I do. :laughing: I was looking mainly at the whiskers on his right cheek and the details in the highlights in his hair.

The belly seems to be the part with best focus ;-)…and DPL does not provide the most detailed rendering. Screenshots 300%. Customising: none.

DPL 6.1

Lr Classic

Capture One v12

Interesting. I’m wondering if DPXD would provide better detail if it were available for RAF files.

I don’t get the same result at all with PL 6.1, it’s much more detailed (100% visualization or jpeg export). Have you downloaded and used the lens module?

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Yes, but the images are, as noted above, rendered by the apps with “no correction” - whatever they might be. (Apps do a lot of things to please the user before he/she even pushes a slider or toggles a switch…)

BTW, this is DPL 6.1 with DxO Standard preset:

I don’t know for C1 that I don’t use, but for Lightroom Classic, the lens profile incorporated in this raw file (distortion, chromatic aberrations, vignetting) is automatically applied, without the possibility of disabling it!
So if you want to make valid comparisons, you must activate the DxO lens profile in PhotoLab.

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