Can't use keyboard arrow keys (Macbook Pro Max) to scroll through and see each preset on my image

I only use Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex (Nik Collection 6), and my issue happens with both.
When I open an image, I can no longer use the keyboard’s up and down arrow keys (Macbook Pro Max/Ventura 13.4.1) to scroll through the filters/presets to see how each one will look when applied to my image.
The previous Nik Collections allowed this use of the keyboard arrows-- and it was a quick and efficient way to edit.
Seems more tedious to do it otherwise.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Any solutions?
Thank you.

true, but you can always use the touch pad which work fine for me, the arrow key work to change the adjustment numbers when your cursor is over by using left/right arrow key