Can't reset perspective tool (resolved - user error)

I took an image and did a basic crop

Then I applied a perspective correction using the force parallels tool (this was done initially under PL3)

I have just come back to the image and decided to alter the perspective.

There are two problems :

  1. the parallel lines are now showing as horizontal instead of tilted from vertical
  2. clicking on the reset button on the lower toolbar doesn’t do anything (the second screenshot was taken from the 8 point tool, not the force parallels tool)

Can anyone else reproduce this?

Sorry I can’t help because I don’t see this issue in Windows, but I posted to tell you i really like the image. What was the issue with the original? Landscapes usually don’t require perspective edits in my experience. Horizons, often, perspective, rarely.


Thank you.

There wasn’t an “issue” with the original. I just wanted to emulate tilting the back of my large format film camera, where the aim is not to correct perspective but to introduce it. What I wanted was to create the “looming foreground rock” effect :sunglasses:





I’ve just realised that the problem was, because I had applied a perspective correction from ViewPoint and was trying to reset the force parallels correction from the top toolbar.

Obviously, the two do not equate :roll_eyes:

Very cool use of VP that I hadn’t thought of. I see looming rocks now in several of my old photos! Beautiful photo BTW. Thanks for the tip.