Can't open the forum directly

I’ve saved the DxO-Forum-Link in my firefox as a favourite. When I try to open this favourite-link or writing the link directly in the adress-line I got this message (in german):
App kann nicht geladen werden
Sieht so aus als wärst du offline! Bitte überprüfe deine Netzwerkverbindung und probiere es nochmal.
When I first open the old DxO-forum and than choose the favourite-link of the new forum all is right.
Do you have an idea what’s on there in my browser?

Seems it’s not a general problem: this behaviour exists only on one of my computers. Sorry for panic!


Hello @Ecki,

Can you, please, clean your browser cache and try again with typing the link ?

Svetlana G.


Thanks for your answer, Svetlana,
you’ve given the right answer and all is fine again now!
I should have know this way, cause it’s mostly the nearest solution. But sometimes I don’t remember …

You are welcome. I’m glad it’s solved.