Can't move the repair tool out of the way

When using the repair tool around the top edges of the photo, I can’t move it elsewhere out of the way, so I can get rid of unwanted blotches in that area. This needs fixing.

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You can zoom into the image a bit, press and hold space (hand mode) and drag the image to the side, so that you can reach to that area.

That’s a nifty workaround, Christian (I’ll use that in the short-term).

I agree with Jana, tho - - this does need some attention:

  • For consistency, the same method should apply as it does when one needs to move the correction sliders out of the way within Local Adjustments mode
    – in that case, pressing the “E” key hides/reveals the tool controls

John M

I’ve just “discovered” the solution to this problem !!

On the far left of the set of controls that are displayed when the Repair tool is activated is a small square button highlighted in blue (exactly the same as the Repair button on the Toolbar):

Clicking on this button causes the Repair/Clone controls to disappear - enabling access to parts of the image previously hidden behind the controls. Clicking on this button does NOT disable Repair/Clone mode - it just hides the controls (in the same way that pressing “E” in Local Adjustments mode hides LA controls).

Solved … DxO_Repair
John M


Excellent John !
I had never seen … and even clicked on it :smiley:

:thinking: but this behavior (hide/show the toolbar) is equal for all the new tools like LC, WB, Repair. So it looks like we should do something with its discoverability.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.


Yes - - and simply a pop-up message (when mouse cursor moves over the button) would probably do.


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