Can't install VP4

Can’t install VP4. I get an error window that reads: “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)…”

A search for the error offers all kinds of solutions and I’ve tried them all… including a Windows 11 refresh. Are there any logs that I can examine during install that can help me identify the problem?


Check your antivirus/security software: it might be interfering with the installation or execution.

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I’ve been frustrated for such a long time with this problem. I cannot reinstall ViewPoint3 either - the error is exactly the same as listed below for ViewPoint4

What interesting is that when running process monitor on windows the only error I get is related to “wow64log.dll”

Disabling antivirus /security software is a moot point since all other installations of software, including anything from DxO works fine.

I don’t have wow64log.dll on my Win11 either but VP4.14 installation went smoothly. So this sounds like a “good error”.
Maybe running setup as administrator would help?
That’s what I did, for the reason I can’t remember.

Did you give ‘Run as administrator’ a try?