Can't Install on Lightroom Classic CC 8 or Photoshop CC 2019!

Edit: I’ve got them installed in Photoshop, finally, still no go in LR.

Is there a secret to getting the latest version (1.2.15) of the Nik plugins to be usable in these host apps? The plugins install on Windows 10 just fine, but they don’t work in LR, and they don’t even appear in Photoshop. I’ve installed and uninstalled a few times, and I’ve copied the plugins (in PS) to the proper location, but the plugins don’t appear in Photoshop.

The previously configured external editors in LR show up and a TIFF file is created, but nothing else happens. Even when I edit the paths to the plugins.


If some issue remains, please contact our support so that it can analyze and solve your issue. Thanks.