Can't find negative control points

I can’t find how to add negative control points. There’s an article about it here but it doesn’t help me. I have none of the menus shown in the image. I have a control point and that’s it.

Control Points do have a few options. They show up like you can see in the screen below:

Click on the button highlighted by the green arrow and the options should appear.

If nothing of this matches your expectations, you could write, in plain words, what you’re after and if you’re using DPL on macOS or Windows.

and in Windows hold down the ALT key to then add a negative Control Point


  • with the 1st normal CP I selected the lady’s red coat and subsequently desaturated it
  • with the 2nd negative CP I protected part of that selection and the color came back

That is the same for Mac, but with the Option key

That is because that article is out of date and the local adjustment tools are no longer attached to the point but have been moved to its own LA palette on the right…

Thank you all for your helpful replies. I now was able to find the negative control points.

But I have another problem. Somewhere in the process and somehow I loose control over the control points and I am unable to edit them any futher. When I move the mouse over the points in the right panel, they light up, but as soon as I move the mouse to the image, they are no more visible and I cannot edit them.

clicked on the LA layer and the (blue) CP symbol showed up at the RHS

with mouse [ → ] over the CP layer / the mask overlay also appears

with mouse [ CP symbol ] over the pic / no mask overlay = not activated

It depends on what software you are using, DxO have been changing how local adjustments work in both Photolab and the Nik collection in recent releases. The answer is totally dependant on which software and version(and possibly which OS!) you are using. Personally, I think the latest Nik collection 7 gets the U-point UI just about right and I hope they standardise on that across the products but we’ll see.

Just to add: All screenshots above show PL7, be it on MacOS or Windows.

Since I don’t use the current Nik 7 myself, I can’t say much about it,
but there are some videos that shed some light on how to use it.
→ e.g. Nik Collection 7 Review and Demo ( also check the comments for some insight )

The Nik collection has now come a long way.

Until now it did not occur again.

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