Can't find arrow navigations

Here i see :
Navigations arrow. But in my aplication is not exist.

Look below:

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The video appears to show an older version of DxO, which must have had arrow symbols. However, using the sideways arrow keys does move from one file to the next


I’m wondering why these arrows should be useful only after a sort. They could be always present, this wouldn’t bother me, on the contrary.

Actually, I don’t get the arrows even after a search or a sort.

Hello guys,

Yep, the arrows were removed since PL2 if I’m not mistaken. But we have a request to get them back. So we are thinking over a new solution.

Svetlana G.

The question is : the heck why ?

It was a decision of the designer to free the space in the FS bar. And btw, the keyboard arrows do the job.

Svetlana G.

But one does not preclude the other (in a perfect world). For my part, I mainly use the mouse, so…

Anyhow, thanks for the prompt reply, Svetlana.