Can't edit product shots to get a white background


I’m doing quite a lot of product shots with a Nikon D750 and the Foldio360 rotating table and lightbox. For all shots I need a white background, but I can’t edit the settings in PL to get perfect white background. I need to open every picture in Affinity Photo and edit the Levels to i.e. 95% or 90% of the white level to get a perfectly white background. I have tried it with Auto Mask, but the program doesn’t finde the edges correct, as the pictures contain sometimes very fine structures or the products are too bright/white.

What am I doing wrong here and how can I get a white background in PL?

Thanks for your answers in advance!


Have you tried the raw white balance color picker? It’s unclear to me if this designates a sampled color as white or as a neutral grey, but it works fine to remove a color cast.
Or do you mean you have some other-than-white color background and you want to make that white? If that’s what you mean, you need a pixel editor. I’ve done it many times in Photoshop, but the other pixel editors (Affinity, On1, ACDSee, etc) can probably do it too.
In PS, you can separately sample white/grey/shadow, hence my confusion on the PL WB color picker. Sorry! Maybe someone will chime in…