Cant close Photolab

I can´t close Photolab after working a few hours without any problem.

DxO Photolab macOS Catalina 10.15.6

Since then no reaction. What is wrong with PL4 that I can’t close the app?

As with all Mac apps, did you try Force Quit?

Capture d’écran 2020-11-08 à 17.31.29

Yes Force Quit is working but this is not the right way I think. Quit should working.

Indeed, but sometimes things go wrong and an app gets unresponsive.

Before force-quitting an app, you can ask yourself if the app is supposed to work (export images etc.) or not. If it’s supposed to do something, you can still wait and see (with activity monitor) before force-quitting eventually.

If DPL does not quit but responds to other things, you might want to issue an “export sidecar” command for your current images. This will save the state of customization of your current images.

I always wait 5-10min before I force quit, and no activity before. The bad behavior is seen around 5 times in a week.

Just a quick thought, has PhotoLab ever been able to index everything? How many images do you have in your library?

No I never tried to indexing all. I have around 20000 files in 11 folder, one folder for each month and session.