Canon R7 support?

I’m currently using Lightroom and the built-in Canon R7 raw images are not what they should be. They are too noisey compared to viewing them in DPP and I it’s because Adobe Canon support for their image formats is really poor.

Does DxO offer better support? Canon users are looking for a good editing software since Abode Lightroom is failing so poorly.

How does it sync with Flickr accounts? Can it read all the albums, assign the images to the film rolls and track updates and republishing of images to Flickr?


Hi @Philth and welcome. I know that the R7 is planned for support but I don’t know when it will be released. When it is, I promise you that it will be great(much better than LR). I don’t know about your Flickr questions as I don’t use it, but you are welcome to trial Photolab 5 or any other DxO product for 30 days to see if you like it.

One of PhotoLab’s export options is Export to Flickr. Attached is the Flickr export dialog box showing the various options. I hope this helps you…

I don’t know if Mark uses Canon gear, but given such confidence I assume he has direct experience of PL and Canon RAW files.

However, my experience of PL with the .CR3 RAW files from my Canon 90D does not allow me to give such a ringing endorsement. PL’s lens corrections and the noise reduction are superb but it does not handle greens very well at all, they are far too yellow. Yes, there are fudges and workarounds but compared to how PL deals with colours, especially greens, from my (ancient) Canon 400D it’s a disappointment.

Once PL supports the R7 be sure to use the 30 day trail offer to evaluate it before you part with hard cash. The 30 day trial is full featured, the software is not crippled in any way.

2 things are holding me back from the R7

the first is real world reviews from day to day users over a month to make sure they match the selected pre-general release 24/48 hour reviews so far

the second one is DxO support as I will be using the R7 with my current mix of EF/Tamron/Sigma lenses

It generally takes DxO at least two months, and more often it takes around three months, to provide support for a new camera after it is released. That would normally put support for the R7 towards the end of September. However, PhotoLab 6 will be released the 3d week in October and there most likely won’t be any more camera/lens updates to PhotoLab 5 past the end of August, at the very latest. As a result I suspect that support for the Canon R7 will require upgrading to the upcoming PhotoLab 6 in October. That is probably not the news you want to here. I ran into that exact scenario last year with the introduction of the very popular Nikon Z fc in June of 2021.


Thanks everyone. I’ll give it a try when the R7 support goes live later in the year. If you end up buying v5 a month before v6 goes live, how is the upgrade handled? Do they expect you to pay the same fee as everyone else, is there a discounted by how close you were to the release month, or ?

I am not certain of the exact time that a purchase of PL 5 will get you a free upgrade to PL6. I am pretty confident that it is around 30 days or less. It is unlikely the R7 will be supported in PhotoLab 5 Elite so you would likely have to wait for PL 6 anyway.

In any case, before you buy you should download the 30 day free trial of PhotoLab 6 Elite when it is released to see if it meets your requirements. If you decide to purchase it, I also strongly recommend purchasing DxO Viewpoint and DxO FilmPack Elite. Besides giving you the standalone versions of those two software titles, the licenses also unlock a large number of hidden features in PhotoLab. The bundle price for the suite is much less than the cost of all three programs separately.


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DxO do provide new camera support to current versions by providing a small “point” update. I would actually guess that the R7 will be supported in PL5.

You will also need to check that your lenses are supported.

Anything is possible, but based on my almost 5 years of experience with DxO, I tend to doubt it.


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Canon R7 will be supported very soon, in PhotoLab 5 and PureRAW 2. Just a few days to wait :wink:



I’m very impressed and very surprised. That is one of the fastest time frames for support of a new camera I’ve ever seen since I’ve been a user of PhotoLab…



I signed up for these forums specifically to find out when DXO would be supporting the R7. I’m delighted to have found this thread just hours after Marie’s statement above.

I’ve had my R7 since release day and am not satisfied with Adobe’s handling of the files. Particularly after reading how well Canon’s DPP handles them in comparison. I’ve been a paying user of Adobe’s Photographer’s plan since 2015 and I’m tired of paying for the monthly fees. Especially now considering the less than stellar file handling. Being a hobbyist photographer, I always figured Adobe was “the way” for editing. I’m finding that’s not the case, so here I am.

Once support for the R7 is announced and implemented, I will be signing up for the 30-day trial of PL5 to see how well I like it.


Keep in mind that PhotoLab 6 will be released in the third week of October, less than 3 months from now. Even if you end up liking PhotoLab 5 during your free trial, do not purchase it until PhotoLab 6 is released. If you purchase PhotoLab 5 more than a month or so before PhotoLab 6 is released you will have to pay the full upgrade price for version 6.

Second thing is that the full PhotoLab experience consists of three integrated components, PhotoLab Elite, FilmPack Elite, and Viewpoint. Anything less than owning the full suite is a compromise. Purchasing all three together as a suite is significantly less expensive than when purchasing all three individually.



Be aware of the different editions of PhotoLab. The free trial comes with Elite functionality. If you cheap out to the Essential edition, you might miss a few very helpful features.

Imo, the Premium Bundle, mentioned by @mwsilvers, is the way to go. Buy later in the year for special discounts (black Friday, x-mas and such)

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This is so important. You will be amazed at how much extra functionality you get out of FilmPack and ViewPoint integrated into PhotoLab.


Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ll keep your suggestions in mind should I opt to buy into the DXO family.

  • Terry

The R7 is now listed as a supported camera body. :partying_face:


Le boitier Canon EOS R7 est pris en charge.
J’ai installé les modules DXO de corrections optiques de certains objectifs EF et EFS mais ils ne sont pas encore actifs.
Le module DXO pour l’objectif RFS 18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM n’ai pas disponible.
Le seul module fonctionnel concerne le RF 100-400mm F5.6-8 IS USM.

Bonjour @tedog ,

les modules des Canon RF-S 18-45mm F4.5-6.3 IS STM et Canon RF-S 18-150mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM seront disponibles début septembre.

Quels modules EF et EF-S ne sont pas actifs ? Normalement ils devraient fonctionner.
Pouvez-vous nous fournir des images de test via ?