Canon Print Studio Pro Compatibility

I’m in the process of migrating over from Lightroom, which up to now has been a simple transition since I’ve relied on NIK plugins for years. But I had it my head that Canon had a standalone version of their fantastic Print Studio Pro - and that’s not remotely true - its plugins are for Adobe and their own Canon Raw processor only. Ouch… So my obligatory question is - is there a way to invoke Canon Pro Studio plugins within DXO Photolab?

You can invoke any software with this command.

Thank you. The Export to Application functionality makes a lot of sense. The problem is that Paint Shop Pro is designed to be called within an Adobe plugin. If you call it externally, there is no parameter to pass in a file, and the application closes itself. I have no idea why Paint Shop Pro chose such a rigid implementation.

It’s not a huge deal, I can always settle on QImage or even buy an older discounted version of Photoshop Elements just to use the plugin.

You can call Photo Shop Pro from within Canon’s Digital Photo Professional - a free download if you don’t already have it. That is the way I print at least.

Hi Rob - good advice. They wanted a Serial Number of a Canon camera, and I’m not proud to say, but a google image search revealed dozens to chose from. I will put in a request that Canon modify to Photo Shop Pro to make stand alone an option.

I also love it to print with Canons Print Studio Pro. Softproof, all settings für my Pixma Pro printer.
Now I export as 16bit TIFF and then i take the picture to DPP and print from DPP with print studio pro. A DxO-export to application (Print Studio Pro) do not work.
DPP and all Adobe (LR, PS, PSE) can print with Print Studio Pro. Knows anybody a way to print direct from DxO to Print Studio Pro?