Canon mRAW files

Has anyone has any success in processing mRAW files in PL?

I have come across some old images taken as mRAW and thought I would have a go at reprocessing them in PL. I know the mRAW in not natively supported in PL and my initial thought was to convert them to DNG with Adobe’s free DNG Converter. While that works great for standard Canon CR2 files, mRAW conversions do not even appear in the browser.

Is my only way forward to convert to TIFF and process from there?

Hello @Rob,

mRAW format (and also sRAW) is not a real RAW format.
One of the difference is mRAW is about one-half the pixel count of the image directly developable from a Raw file.
PhotoLab doesn’t support mRAW, that’s why yuou can’t see images in the browser.

Hi @Marie

yes, I know mRAW is not supported, that’s why I converted them to DNG hoping that would work. It’s the DNG that are not appearing in the browser - the mRAW files do but are not processable.