Canon HDR PQ Raw files

Unfortunately, Photo Lab cannot process raw files shot with Canon EOS R5 in HDR PQ mode. Ability to render/develop HDR as well as process them as SDR would be highly appreciated.

PL6 advances this topic somewhat:
Open your HDR PQ RAW, use DxO Wide Gamut, then boost the global exposure by about 0.9.

This gets you to an incredibly close starting point to a HDR PQ RAW processed inside the R5. If you’ve got a dark subject and want to make use of the incredible dynamic range you can also tone down the highlights by 60 or even 100 to get your sky back from pure whiteness.

I’m seriously considering buying PL6 this time, because it seems to apply the PQ curve and makes the development process leaps and bounds easier than Affinity Photo for HDR PQ RAWs for the time being.

I hope they still enhance HDR support with features like:

  • HEIFs with and without PQ can be imported and exported
  • the PQ curve gets applied correctly for R5’s RAWs