Canon G7 X III Module not loading

Trying to download module for the G7 X III - I can find it on the list and click download but it does not appear in list on renderings. If I go out and come back in again same thing. Everytime I go in to the module download list it is available to download - it just doesnt keep it. I don’t actually have any images shot with that camera - could this be why?

No problem here, although I have no photos taken with that camera (PL7.5/Win11). Actually there are two modules, one for jpg, the other for raw. Try to click ‘Next’ once more.

It’s saved the modules for both raw and jpeg but they are not appearing in the camera list in the colour renderings option. If I quit PL and then go back in they need downloading again so it doesn’t appear to be saving them. What am I doing wrong??

Oops sorry, read too quickly. Same here – after installation, the camera appears in the modules list but does not appear in the rendering list. Maybe the camera includes profile readable by PL and DxO didn’t have to prepare one? Similar story with Sony RX100.

Note that one of DxO Landscape presets uses some Minolta body and there are no problems using it.

For Sony RX100, PL chooses ‘DxO camera profile (DSC-RX100)’ rendering with Type=‘Generic’. If I choose Type=‘Camera Body’, RX100 does not appear in the ‘Rendering’ camera list.

My guess is that camera body renderings are prepared only for cameras with removable lenses. DxO can then take measurements of the sensor alone, without color shifts introduced by lenses, which are measured separately.

Thank for the reply nad the help - however, I don’t think you are right about the removable lens as they have one for the Leica Q3.

Yes, that’s weird. Maybe they trusted Leica lens :wink: , maybe it can be removed for the tests, maybe there was another reason. We can only speculate. On the other hand, there are currently 561 supported bodies, so the full list would be quite long.

@Wellsyboy Hello, Renderings are not related to Optic modules. G7 X III doesn’t appear in renderings because we didn’t specify it (like other compacts, except expert ones, and some other cameras).
So, when you load an image from Canon G7 X III in PhotoLab, then it applies rendering calibrated by DxO for it (the “DxO Camera Profile”) but you can’t apply rendering of G7 X III on images shot with another camera.

Ah ok! Great - thanks for responding - that makes sense now. Thank you