Canon EF + Sigma MC-21 lens profiles for L-Mount bodies


I’ve been a user of DxO PhotoLab for several years and I’d like to ask if you could add lens profiles for EF mount lenses (in my case, Canon 16-35 F4 IS) adapted to L-Mount bodies with Sigma MC-21 adapter, which communicates the exact lens metadata to the body. As far as I can see, you did the same with Sigma MC-11 on Sony bodies few years ago.

As you probably know, the new Panasonic S5 II has a new phase-detection autofocus system that allows those lenses (i.e. Canon, Sigma, Tamron, etc.) to be used with performance equivalent to native lenses; in addition, a lot of Panasonic users use their bodies for videography and many of them use old Canon EF lenses adapted.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the forum, @Capilander88 .

The best place to deposit such requests is probably this page here:

Please note that adding your request does not necessarily trigger immediate implementation.

Thank you for your response. I have submitted my request for a specific lens+body combo few days ago, but I was wondering if full support for EF (or, at least, Canon) lenses could be added so that they function as if they were native.