Canon .CR3 random problem

The newest Photolab 2 supports the new Canon .CR3 raw format. At last.
Unfortunately there´s a random problem. Some files are supported some aren´t.
The message is" This image cannot be processed because of unknown error. It may be corrupted or in an unsupported format".
Makes no sense. The group of mages are from the same EOS R, the same card, the same shooting session. Some are ok, some aren´t.
Imagens are ok and open without issues in other non-DxO applicatons. The problem is not in the files.
Please adress this problem. It is causing me problems in my workflow and delaying my work.
Thank you.

Hello @Atha,

Could you, please, provide me with some images which have the no-supported status for the investigation? Please, upload them here under your name instead of “support ticket number” and let me know when it’s done.

P.S. and what is you OS?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,

thanks for your reply and support.
I´ve sent you two files from the same shooting session; same card, same camera (Canon EOS R).
My OS is Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6.
The file ending in (…)23 does not open. The files ending in (…)24 is fine.
Looking forward for your reply.
Thanks again.


Thank you for the files. I checked vs Win OS - everything is ok, both files are properly supported. @LCDI could you, please check on Mac?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,
I use a Mac Pro. I only use Mac OS.
I wrote “My OS is Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6.”.
What do you mean by " could you, please check on Mac?"

I think it was for me @Atha :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly!

So well, could you describe me your workflow from the shooting to the problem you have
All steps are important.



Are you talking to me now?

yes :slight_smile:

Thanks ,-)

Shooting normal with my camera.
Transfer raw files to my Mac. Open Photolab 2. Some files are ok to start editing some show the error message. If I open Canon DDP4 ALL files are ok to start editing.

I erased and copy again all the files from the card reader to my Mac. The error is the same.

If you rename the folder where the picture are and browse it again in PL it is working ?

It works ,-) Thanks a lot.
Why is that?

Actually if you begin to browse a folder where the files are copying, at some point we can try to load picture not totally copied and then mark then as not readable.
When rename the folder you force PL to reload the folder and the app consider this picture as new and if the copy is finished we can’t load picture partially.
Maybe to avoid this kind of problems we need to think to add a refresh button somewhere

Ok. Makes sense.
A refresh button would be nice .-)
Thanks a lot for your help. I hope this also helps to improve the application.

Anyway if you can change a little your workflow by copying first the pictures and then browse the folder in PL when all the pictures are copied can avoid you problems :slight_smile:

Some of my EOS-M50 files wouldn’t respond when the plugin became available
Notably these were the ones I had previously worked on and saved before a lens module was released.

Lesson learned. Thanks a lot; again. Indeed a nice help.