Canon CR3 files

I realise there’sa thread a few years old on this topic, but we’re now on photolab3 and it won’t open the CR3 files from my Canon 90D.
To me this appears to be a rediculous situation to be in…
All my other software packages can open these files!
When is DXO likely to catch up please?
It’s pointless owning a programme if it is unable to deal with my camera’s raw format.

A little bit of search and you would have found this:

  • It should come this month
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Svetlana G.

With respect Sigi, those pages do not answer my question or if it does I must be missing something.
A search for Canon CR3 files brings up nothing either…
I’m pleased to hear that this format is due to be supported in the next few weeks.

I can assure, that some CR3 files are supported, as I use an M50 and can edit those files.
As far as I have understood in my short time with Photolab, the file type and the camera need to be supported to be able to open a file.
90D is listed for the next release sometimes in December (3.1.0).

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Thanks for the clarification. :blush:

Hello Alan,
reading my reply again, I have to admit that it can be read as disrepsectful the way it is written. This was not my intention


No problem Sigi,
I just found the old post and wondered why the update had taken so long.

Hello @AlanH,

@bekesizl gave you absolutely correct answer - we do not execute the support by the file format but for the individual camera bodies. So CR3 format from some Canon bodies is already supported for a good period of time and the camera you are the owner of will be supported in December with the version PL3.1.

Svetlana G.

Many thanks for the clarification.
I had assumed that all CR3 files were treated the same. :roll_eyes:
I will await the release of PL3.1 then…

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